Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scared Day

A sacred day for me is Christmas because it is the symbol of Jesus birth and on this holiday my family gathers together in celebration.  Also, it is tradition for my family to come together and prepare that evenings meal of "tamales" a very humble meal but during the process of preparing them, we all gather together and help one another, spend time catching up, and enjoy each others company without the pressures of daily life. On this one day we all set aside our differences and busy schedules to dedicate time to family and rejoice in the birth of our savior. Movies: Steel Magnolias, The Help, The God Father trilogy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The video" Is A Woman" is a clear depiction of Eliade's restoration of primal chaos because it begins with a single leaf that floats on a river that was previously frozen but has thawed out, which shows that a new beginning is on the rise. The "new beginning" in the video is spring so as the leaf continues down the bank of the river the surroundings begin to change and reflect the rebirth of earths creations ( flowers, trees in bloom, animals coming out from hibernation). At the end of the video the leaf is joined by other leafs and they all reunite at a tree and as the day ends and the new dawn breaks the leaves are restored to their youthful selves again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My legal name is Rosalva which is derived from the latin word for "rosa" or as we recognize it "rose."  When I asked my parents why they chose my name, they simply said " We really liked the name," but then as I asked if there existed a hidden meaning or a personal attachment to the name, my father proceeded to tell me that the name when split into two words "rosa" and "alva" means that roses at dawn look their most beautiful because God is shining his divine light upon it and roses are the most beautiful flowers to greet the day or anyone.  So the celestial model of my name is that of a beautiful morning that God has blessed ( in my case) my parents with that embraces them with a shining light at the start of their day, but continues to enlighten them as the day progresses. Sacred Center: my sacred place would be church because I am able to release all my burdens and fears that are weighting me down.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

" The River"

In the song “The River,” Bruce Springsteen uses the symbols and archetypes of sexuality, youth, and river to express the theme of decision making that can alter one’s life.  According to Bruce Springsteen, “We'd go down to the river, and into the river we'd dive, Oh down to the river we'd ride.” Springsteen implies that the lack of maturity and impulsiveness can lead to unfavorable outcomes: “Then I got Mary pregnant, and man that was all she wrote. And for my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat. We went down to the courthouse and the judge put it all to rest.” While the song first speaks of the wonders of youthful love-- “Me and Mary we met in high school when she was just seventeen, we'd ride out of that valley down to where the fields were green” --the reality of their immaturity has lead them down a different path that does not reflect a happy ending: “Now all them things that seemed so important, well mister they vanished right into the air, now I just act like I don't remember, Mary acts like she don't care.”


Archetype Photo

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The three quotes I liked were: " Let us learn to dream, gentlemen, and then we may perhaps find the truth." " cleanliness is next to Godliness." " something more and other than itself which eludes our present knowledge."  The quote I did not enjoy reading is " Man is like the flower of the field."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I had a dream that my husband and I reconciled our marriage. Our marriage came to an end about three months ago, and I have struggled with this ever since.  In my dream, I relived al the fights and hurtful things he had said and done, that eventually lead to our separation.  As expected, he resisted the idea of resolving our marital issues, but this time he was more willing to try and work things out. But, because of his resistant attitude toward working on our marriage, it made me feel doubt we would get a second chance. As my dream continued and I saw his efforts in addressing our issues, I realized that as a woman, how strong and faithful I was, because I was willing to forgive and forget my husband’s infidelity, disrespect, and dishonesty.  Though it was only a dream and there is no plan of reconciliation, I still recognized that I am a strong and faithful woman, and that I had always been, I just never believed that I was because “he” made me feel otherwise.